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remove mounted drives from desktop – ubuntu

November 13, 2006

In order to remove the icons for mounted drives from an ubuntu desktop, without actually unmounting the volume:

open gconf-editor

go to apps, nautilus, desktop

and unclick — volumes_visible button


hide desktop – ubuntu

November 13, 2006

Keyboard shortcut for hiding all windows (or maybe it’s displaying the desktop). In any case, press:


mouse-less computer existence

November 2, 2006

One of the tell-tale signs of an inexperienced computer user is the overuse of the mouse. For me, it feels downright prehistoric to perform certain tasks, such as cutting/pasting, opening programs or closing windows via the mouse rather than a known keyboard shortcut. It is to the point, where using the mouse at all, while necessary at times, is avoided at all costs.

So today’s lesson was going to be on using keyboard shortcuts in general. However, I ran across one problem, which I don’t know the solution to, and remembered a second that I just wanted to throw out into the blogosphere. Hopefully, someone will read this and offer good solutions, and teach me a lesson or two.

1) How does one go about resetting keyboard shortcuts to the default for ubuntu? I’ve searched the forums, “googled”, and found this question without a hint of an answer. Well, there was some talk on how to create user-specific shortcuts, but I just want to go back to the default!

2) Is there an inteligent way to look through the search results in google without a mouse? For example, do a search in google, and see how many times you must press “tab” in order to get to the first search result. Depending if you’re logged on, number of search terms, and the # of ads, it comes to something around 15. There must be a better way. Is there a shortcut key that takes me to the first search result? Or better yet, have the results numbered, and let me jump to the third by pressing <ctrl>+3 or something. Am I missing something here, how does everyone else deal with this?

Well, no lessons taught today, but I’d be grateful if someone had some answers for me.