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personal progress

November 16, 2006

I often wonder whether my day-to-day activities are setting up “future-me” to be happy and successful or if I’ll regret spending too much or too little time in any given task.

As my professional career relies mostly on my skills as a scientist, I’m grateful that “past-me” spent a decent amount of time doing mathematical excercises thoroughly – the same cannot be said for my efforts in say european history class.  One might use the “good to be well-rounded” argument here, but my knowledge (random pieces of trivia) in european history is only put to use in crossword puzzles and feigning inteligence.

What worries me is that some scenarios seemed fool-proof.  Study accounting, become an accountant, and earn a salary – the end.  But what happens, if some software company creates a program that emulates an accountant.  Instead of giving my tax forms to an accountant, have him crunch the numbers, and telling the government to give me what’s mine, I just punch the numbers into a program and let it do the same thing faster and with less error.  Incidentally, I made the switch already, using a program to do my taxes last year.

I guess there’s no reliable way of predicting the landscape of the future job  market nor a way of guessing at which skills I might need.  I suppose a child who dreams of being an accoutant can always end up working for a company that makes the programs that act as virtual accountants.


opening remarks

November 1, 2006

Ever feel like you’re constantly fighting the same battles over and over again? This happens often for me in my personal life, as well as my work life. It may occur because the problem you were addressing in the past wasn’t completely resolved, thus you are facing it again.

But other times, you have completely solved the problem, only now, you just don’t remember how you did it. Or maybe you finished 90% of it, but were too tired to complete it. Here, I will be logging problems that I come across in life, work, and everything in between with complete (and/or) partial solutions so that if life repeats itself, I can get to the answer without going through the war again.